Biosprint ®

Biosprint® is an active yeast for dairy cows, beef cattle, sows, piglets and horses feeding authorized by the European Union. The suggestion of using probiotics to obtain benefits for the animal's health is not new: the use of yeasts in animal feed is an area of growing scientific interest and their effectiveness in the animals' performances has been revealed for over 30 years. In particular, the studies and experiments implemented on farms have shown that the use of probiotics, especially yeasts, results in significant benefits in improving the nutritional efficiency and in preventing the emergence of metabolic problems.

Prosol leveraged its broad and deep experience in the field of yeasts transformation and has selected a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain promoted under the trademark Biosprint® and stored at the Mycothèque de l'Université Catholique de Louvain under the unique code MUCL™ 39885. Biosprint® is able to give a palpable and incisive contribution to the digestive efficiency promoting the fermentation processes. The specific Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast affects the intestinal environment, generating the ideal conditions for the growth of a bacterial flora flawlessly suitable to a good feed digestion. Furthermore, to make the digestive process more efficient, additional protective barriers to the colonization of pathogenic bacteria are elevated.

With Biosprint® the animals improve their capacity to use the energy of the feed and to assimilate the nutrients essential for an high productivity. With Biosprint®:


  • dairy cows increase milk production;
  • beef cattle grow more rapidly and increase in liveweight gain;
  • sows improve the digestion of nutrients and have a better rate of fertility;
  • the number of piglets was significantly higher;
  • horses have a more efficient digestion and achieve best performances.


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