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Prosol-Biochem Russia, Belarus and Estonia: a successful distributor sales meeting

2019-12-13T15:05:36+00:00December 12th, 2019|

Prosol-Biochem Russia, Belarus and Estonia: A successful distributor sales meeting From 25 to the 26 of November 2019, took place an other distributor meeting for Prosol. Over 25 technical sales managers from Russia made the trip to Prosol’s headquarter in Madone. The two-day event consisted of workshops, technical updates and visits to farms helping educate our partners on the latest on-farm management practices. The Prosol Team highlighted the benefits of BIOSPRINT® for feed efficiency and consequent animal performance. The meeting was concluded by a farm tour using Biosprint® with major benefits on productivity and performances. Once again, our distributor meeting enabled Prosol distributors to engage with peers, share experiences, and stay up-to-date with the latest Prosol solutions. [...]

Prosol welcome guests from Ukraine

2019-12-12T17:06:23+00:00December 10th, 2019|

Prosol welcome guests from Ukraine Awesome days with our distributor and customers from Ukraine this month! On 21 and 22 November, indeed, Prosol has set up a technical-scientific meeting with a delegation of farmers and sales managers from Ukraine to exchange lots of constructive  experience about the use of LIVE YEAST BIOSPRINT® MUCL 39885. Exchange of successful experiences During the 2 days we focused on strategies and future vision about animal nutrition, concerning in particular the main challenge in ruminants nutrition and the benefits of BIOSPRINT® in ruminant diet. We visited farms in which Biosprint® use results in important benefits on animal health,  productivity and fertility. Here the group had the opportunity to meet operators who have gained experience [...]

PetMOD® Leimun: a new format is born

2019-11-28T16:14:13+00:00November 28th, 2019|

petMOD® Leimun: A new format is born Prosol has launched the new format of the petMOD® complementary feed line. The Leimun line for the petfood, dedicated to supporting the immune system, has been enriched with the new 100 gram jar format. A few months after the birth of the new references dedicated to large dogs, the petMOD® Prosol line, dedicated to petfood, is still expanding. Starting from November, in fact, the new Leimun format will be available in a 100 gram jar with a measuring cup. The new format, more versatile and with a greater quantity of product,  allows the use for long-term treatments with a remarkable cost saving . It also meets the needs of those who take [...]

Prosol at NutraFocus of In-Vitality 2019

2019-11-18T14:48:11+00:00November 18th, 2019|

Prosol at NutraFocus of In-Vitality 2019 Prosol at In-Vitality, 20-21 November 2019, MiCo Milano This coming 20-21 November, Prosol will attend the second edition of In-Vitality, the event launched to meet the needs of Italian Food Development Technologists working with the Nutraceutical, Functional foods and Supplements market. As part of In-Vitality 2019, Prosol will talk at NUTRAFOCUS, the space where companies will have the opportunity to share their latest releases and new challenges on nutraceutical products. During the NutraFocus 2019 we will present the latest results about nucleotides and Ribodiet® for the control of Alzheimer Disease.  Prosol carried out pre-clinical trials to evaluate Ribodiet® impact on some parameters involved in immune system response. Furthermore, an in vivo trial on [...]

Petfood: Nasce il nuovo formato di Leimun petMOD®

2019-11-05T15:23:37+00:00October 31st, 2019|

Petfood: Nasce il nuovo formato di Leimun petMOD® Prosol lancia il nuovo formato della linea di mangimi complementari petMOD®.  La linea Leimun, dedicata al supporto delle difese immunitarie, si arricchisce del nuovo formato in barattolo da 100 grammi.  A pochi mesi dalla nascita delle nuove referenze dedicate ai cani di grossa taglia, si amplia ancora la linea petMOD® Prosol dedicata al petfood. A partire da novembre, infatti, sarà disponibile il nuovo formato di Leimun in barattolo da 100 grammi con misurino dosatore. Il nuovo formato, più versatile e con una quantità maggiore di prodotto, non solo permette l’utilizzo per trattamenti prolungati nel tempo con un notevole risparmio, ma viene anche incontro alle esigenze di chi si occupa di più [...]

Prosol Distributor Meeting 2019

2019-10-10T13:30:13+00:00October 9th, 2019|

Prosol Distributor Meeting 2019 Prosol hosted a meeting with its distributor Scotmin-caltech at its headquarters in Madone, Bergamo. Last week Prosol invited its distributor Scotmin-Caltech at its headquarters in Madone, Bergamo, to partecipate in two days of workshop and farm visit with our sales and marketing team. The highlight of the meeting was seeing how and how much BIOSPRINT® is successfully used. The first part of the meeting was dedicated to a technical session in order to discuss challenges and solutions in the field of animal nutrition. The conference showcased information about the main problems of ruminant nutrition and the benefits of BIOSPRINT® active yeast in their nutrition, with a complete review of its economic benefits for farmers. Indeed [...]

Prosol launches its new Corporate Website

2019-10-09T15:17:32+00:00September 17th, 2019|

Prosol launches its new corporate website To celebrate 45 years of experience and innovation, Prosol S.p.a. has launched a new version of its corporate website. Now it will be easier and faster to find information and news about Prosol products and ingredients.    More engaging, more informative, more useful: the new Prosol web site is now officially on line. Prosol has launched the new to deliver an enhanced user experience for the company’s diverse audiences in accessing information. In addition to aesthetically re-designing, indeed, the new website also boasts a consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionalities that direct you to the most relevant information for your needs and into the full product Prosol’s portfolio. The new [...]

Prosol lancia petMOD®XL, i nuovi prodotti di linea per cani di grossa taglia

2019-09-18T14:39:27+00:00July 15th, 2019|

Prosol lancia petMOD® XL, i nuovi prodotti di linea per cani di grossa taglia Prosol lancia due nuovi prodotti della linea di mangimi complementari petMOD®.  Intestinal e Artro si sdoppiano per rendere più semplice la somministrazione a cani di taglia superiore ai 20 Kg di peso. La linea Prosol dedicata al petfood da oggi è ancora più ampia e versatile. Nascono due nuove edizioni speciali del brand petMOD® dedicate ai cani di grossa taglia. Proprio a causa della loro possente costituzione i cani di peso superiore ai 20 kg possono essere soggetti ad una serie di disturbi che possono comprometterne lo stato di salute. Al fine di ridurre i rischi o di supportare la cura di patologie già in atto [...]

Prosol nucleotides on Actif’s AZ Guide 2019

2019-10-09T15:42:04+00:00July 4th, 2019|

Prosol Nucleotides on Actif's AZ Guide 2019 ACTIF’S, the first bilingual magazine for dietary supplements, functional foods, health and food ingredients, this year added a new entry to its ingredients dictionary! Prosol Nucleotides have been officially included in the Actif's annual guide 2019 from A to Z on functional, health and food. The guide contains monographs on ingredients that can be used for the production of food supplements. ACTIF’S Magazine decrypts every two months the growth of the market, the headlights applications of this sector in full growth and analyzes the regulations of these recent years to help market players build their development strategies. The guide 2019 was distributed during Vitafoods Europe 2019. Click here to read the article [...]

Prosol launches petMOD® XL, two new products for large breed dogs

2019-08-06T15:06:25+00:00July 3rd, 2019|

Prosol launches petMOD® XL, two new products for large breed dogs Prosol launches two new products in the complementary feed line petMOD® . Intestinal and Artro are doubling up to make it easier to feed dogs over 20 kg in weight. The Prosol line dedicated to pet food is now even wider and more versatile. Two new special editions of the petMOD® brand are born, dedicated to large dogs. Because of their powerful constitution, dogs weighing more than 20 kg may be subject to a series of disorders that can compromise their health. In order to reduce these risks and to support the treatment of pathologies already in place, nutrition can play a crucial role. To meet the needs [...]