• Prosol manufactures animal nutrition products and studies specific formulations for basic animal nutrition and feeding
  • Prosol, leader in the manufacturing and developing of yeasts for the feed industry and livestock farmers
  • Thanks to its experience in the field of yeast technology Prosol can help you to find the specific ingredients for your nutritional needs
  • Yeast based products for different animal species: dairy cows, beef cattle, sows, piglets, horses, sheep, goats and buffaloes.
  • A complete range of animal nutrition products to improve animal health and nutrition and to optimize animal productivity raising economic results
  • Prosol's portfolio offers a broad range of yeast-based products for animal nutrition: yeast derived from the brewing process, yeasts with Nucleotides, yeasts from Kluyveromyces strain and other solutions.
  • Our innovative formulations for animal nutrition improve the animal's digestive and assimilation process with the purpose to increase production.
  • Animal nutrition products based on yeast for horses: yeasts used in equine nutrition improve the animal's general health
  • Has been proven that yeasts used in animal feed ingredients can bring significant benefits for animal health and nutrition
  • The experience on the yeast technology enable Prosol to market yeast-based products with a highly effective nutritional performance.
  • Prosol's animal nutrition products improve animal health and enhance production performance

Animal Nutrition

Recognized as an international leader in nutritional ingredients for the food industry, Prosol also manufactures animal nutrition products and studies formulations and solutions for the feed industry and livestock farmers.  Since 1974 Prosol has been the leader in the manufacturing and marketing of yeasts for the livestock sector. The experience acquired over the years, continuous research and the use of the best drying technologies enable us to market yeasts of the utmost quality with a highly efficient nutritional performance, ready for use by the feed industry or directly by farmers/breeders.


Prosol develops products for animal nutrition based on yeasts for different animal species:  dairy cows, beef cattle, sows, piglets, horses, sheep, goats and buffaloes. Prosol's portfolio of animal feed ingredients has been developed for several nutritional purposes:  improving animal health and nutrition, optimizing animal productivity, preserving animal health, enhancing production performance, increasing feed efficiency and optimizing economic results.


With our comprehensive range of animal nutrition products, we are able to offer several nutritional solutions, and, moreover, we can manufacture specific ingredients in order to accommodate the specific needs of our clients:  our  team will use its experience and knowledge in the field of yeast technology to find the specific solutions for your nutritional needs.


Yeast benefits:

Has been scientifically proven that yeasts used in livestock nutrition can bring many positive effects and significant benefits for animal health:


  • optimizing the animal's digestive and assimilation process to improve the feed intake conversion rate, thus increasing production and reproductive career
  • guaranteeing the animal an important source of protein, B vitamins, minerals, Nucleotides and enzymes for the best optimization of its daily ration
  • modulating the immune system (Nucleic acids and Nucleotide enriched yeasts)
  • improving the animal's general health
  • providing a top quality carrier for use in the creation of integrated feed by the feed industry

Our Portfolio

Yeast feed material

Yeasts with Nucleotides

Since 1974 your European specialist in Rna and Nucleotides.
Nucleotides support crucial animal growing phases by energy savings, boosting health, better immunity modulation and then increased performance.

  • Very effective after vaccination and in stress conditions.
  • Nucleotides may also improve feed palatability.
  • Safe for the animals.
  • Nucleotides are present in animal diets at very low levels.

Yeast derived from the brewing process

Brewer's yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae spray dried or roller dried and milled, a high value added protein source.

  • YEAST 44

Yeasts from Kluyveromyces strain

Spray dried Yeast, high protein content


Tailor Made Solutions

Pool of natural 5'-Nucleotides hydrolyzed from Yeast cell with different nucleotide concentration.
In-house analytical method, guaranteed minimum quantity of free nucleotides.
Efficient and gentle manufacturing process without inclusion of any organic solvent.

Compound feed

Saccharomyces yeast, distiller's grains and solubles and cereals for your customized compound feed, for all species.

  • GOAL

Active yeast / Farm pack

Pure Inactive Yeast with Biosprint® MUCL 39885 additive. The best solution for direct applications in the field:

  • Improves basic feed intake and increase in appetite
  • Boosts ruminal development and rumen flora
  • Increases the content of high quality proteins and fats for dairy cows and fattening of beef cattle

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For further information and requests for specific animal nutrition products and ingredients, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help you.

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