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New Product Development specialist appointed for Prosol

Press Release, May, 2016

Prosol has appointed a new Product Development specialist. Main objective is discovering new solutions in the field of biotechnology,  developing new nutritional ingredients and researching for the continual development of new products.

This strategic decision is included in a larger renewal plan Prosol is carrying out along the last months, involving also marketing and sales team with the aim of maintaining high levels of product innovation and client service. Prosol is pleased to have a new Product Development specialist on board to provide  innovative formulations and technical expertise to its R&D Department.

«Among its core values, innovation and biotechnology research have top priority in Prosol and those drivers lead us to invest in R&D» -  said Mr. Bonvicini, CEO at Prosol  -  «Our company is committed to evaluating applications of our ingredients.  A specific and deep knowledge of our products is the first step to build up  a successful story».