Flavour Enhancers

Flavour enhancers are used in foods to enhance the existing flavor and to promote the unique taste of a food product. These ingredients increase the "umami" taste in a natural way and are also a valid alternative to the classic monosodium glutamate. Prosol proposes its customers ingredients for flavour enhancement and salt reduction. The brand RIBOMIX®, with a specific flavour profile and the high performances, is a unique and specific ingredient for any kind of flavouring recipe. Since more than ten years, RIBOMIX® is used worldwide for the manufacturing of savoury products.


RIBOMIX® is a pool of natural 5'-Nucleotides, obtained by Yeast enzymatic hydrolysis and very effective in replacing Mono Sodium Glutamate and salt, providing natural feeling. This specific and technical ingredient is very useful in improving the mouthfeel of savoury products, replacing expensive ingredients and masking unpleasant taste.

Prosol experience and knowledge developed a biotechnology which allows to reach, by a natural process, a very strong Umami taste. Successful and versatile product, RIBOMIX® is a high concentrated source of:


  • excellent SENSORY profile;
  • high UMAMI taste.

RIBOMIX®  high concentration allows a wide range of dosages in different types of products for the food industry and for the semifinished food blends.


Prosol is ready to supply typical profile boosting and well performing flavouring ingredients, which will contribute to characterize your food and nutritional products. For more details write to our form or contact us at prosol@prosol-spa.it

Prosol - Natural Flavour Enhancers