Prosol spa is worldwide recognized as an international leader in nutritional ingredients. Since the beginning of its activity, in 1974, Prosol has been governed by its core values: innovation and biotechnology research in each of its business area, focus on customer needs, continuous improvement and strong cooperation with customers and suppliers.


Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver products and nutritional ingredients for food industry and the feed companies with particular attention to issues of safety and wholesomeness. Prosol is also focused on energetic savings and environmental care, in cooperation with the local institutions and consultants. In addition, Prosol is particularly attentive to the health and safety of its human resources, considered fundamental and indispensable part of their business. The strong synergy with the needs of the food industry pushes Prosol to develop new solutions in the field of biotechnology applied to nutritional ingredients. Our specific knowledge in this field allows us to help our partners to improve the quality of the finished product. In particular, Prosol  projects and develops:


  • Yeasts and yeast derivatives (saccharomyces, kluyveromyces, yeast extracts)
  • Probiotics;
  • Natural flavor enhancers;
  • Nucleotides single or mixed, for baby foods and dietary supplements;
  • Ribonucleic acid (RNA).
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for animal nutrition.


Each of these products is unique in addressing food industries needs and every application is able to raise specific functional and nutritional requirements. For this purpose we work together with our clients and  partners in order to deliver customer specific solutions.   For further information about our products  please visit Prosol's brands section or contact us at prosol@prosol-spa.it