Our brands

Our company Prosol is on the market with different product lines feature unique and innovative ingredients and based on the most advanced technologies for nutrition. Prosol caters to both the food industry that the livestock sector. Prosol's brands include:


  • RIBOCARE ® natural 5'-Nucleotides, individual or blended, for baby foods and dietary supplements;
  • RIBOMIX ® natural flavour enhancers with a high content of natural 5'-Nucleotides;
  • BRIST™ range of functional yeast extracts with high flavour enhancing performance and low salt;
  • RIBODIET® a source of nucleotides, nucleosides, oligo nucleotides, ribonucleic acids fragments, aminoacids and vitamins group B.  All these nutrients represent a pool of active and beneficial ingredients.

  • Biosprint, yeast for animal nutrition  an active Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain for animal feed, selected, EU authorized and coded by the Mycothèque de l'Universitè Catholique de Louvain (MUCL™ 39885). To know more about this product you can visit www.biosprint.bio.

Prosol's Laboratories

  • Our laboratories based in Madone

    We works without use of chemical solvents

  • Advanced biotechnologies in Prosol

  • In-house developed technology

    Prosol works with sustainable processes.

  • Our premises in Italy

    Based in Madone, Italy, Prosol is also in worldwide market.

  • Innovative technologies for nutrition

    Prosol designs unique ingredients for nutrition. We work with food industry and the feed companies.

  • Prosol factory

    Prosol is also provided with 5 drying plants.

  • Our plants

    Prosol's plants cover an area of 28000 m².