Flavour Enhancers

Flavour enhancers can be used in a wide range of food applications to enhance or intensify the existing taste and aroma of products. Prosol works with food industry suggesting its partners flavour enhancement products for the improvement of the functional and nutritional values of their products. We especially propose ingredients for flavour enhancement and salt reduction with the trademark RIBOMIX®. Ribomix, used worldwide for the manufacturing of savory products since more than ten years, is a specific ingredient for any kind of flavoring recipe, with a precise flavour profile and high performances.


Successful and adaptable product, RIBOMIX® is a pool of natural 5'-nucleotides, obtained by yeast enzymatic hydrolysis and very active in replacing Mono Sodium Glutamate and salt, providing natural feeling. This unique ingredient is specifically formulated to offers our clients the following benefits:


  • improving the mouthfeel of savoury products
  • replacing expensive ingredients
  • replacing monosodium glutamate and salt
  • masking unpleasant taste


Prosol's knowledge developed a biotechnology which allows to reach, by a natural process, a very strong Umami taste. For further information about Prosol's flavour enhancers please contact us at  prosol@prosol-spa.it

Prosol - Natural Flavour Enhancers