Our Brands

Prosol has great expertise and experience in the design and development of ingredients for nutrition with advanced biotechnologies. Prosol's product portfolio reflects the specific expertise in the development of each production area. Prosol portfolio, in particular, includes these nutritional solutions:


  • RIBOCARE®, natural 5'-Nucleotides for baby foods and dietary supplements;
  • RIBOMIX®, natural flavour enhancers (based on the presence of natural 5'-Nucleotides);
  •  BRISTâ„¢, a yeast extract with high flavour enhancing performance;
  • RIBODIET® a source of nucleotides, nucleosides, oligo nucleotides, ribonucleic acids fragments, aminoacids and vitamins group B.  All these nutrients represent a pool of active and beneficial ingredients.

  • Yeast for animal nutrition - Biosprint - Prosol an active dry yeast for animal feed authorized  by the UE (for more information about Biosprint you can visit www.biosprint.bio)

Prosol's Laboratories