Yeast Extracts

Yeast extracts are often used in food production as natural flavour enhancers to intensify the natural savory flavors and umami taste sensations. With forty years of experience in the field of yeast treatment, Prosol is one of the leading producers and suppliers of yeast extracts for human and animal nutrition.

We offer a wide range of yeasts to help industries to characterize taste of their food products:



A Kluyveromyces yeast strain selected for flavouring, functional properties and nutritional profile, is manufactured and traded under the brand KLUYBEST

  • Inactive spray-dried food grade Yeast
  • Typical sensorial profile, the natural content of glutamic acid gives typical flavour: the peculiar sensorial profile is specifically appreciated in processed meat and savoury products
  • Technical-functional properties in meat-based manufacturing process: KLUYBEST cell walls fractions improve texture and emulsion of the ingredients.


Few applications examples:

  • flavours
  • meat-based preparations
  • condiments and dressings
  • functional carrier




Brist™. Rich in nucleotides, Brist it is a  range of spray dried yeast extracts designed to intensify flavor in very low sodium recipes. It is based on the presence of nucleotides and, thanks to its special mixture, it ensures very pleasant taste and unique "umami" flavour enhancing in food products. Brist™ are particularly effective in savory preparations, especially when MSG/I+G additives or other substances have to be substituted. This ingredient is available in different concentrations:


  • BRIST™ LS-LF, low;
  • BRIST™ MS-MF, medium;
  • BRIST™ HS-HF, high.


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