“Breathe”. The new Prosol campaign on live yeast Biosprint®

Madone, 19 May 2022 – Prosol S.p.A. launches the new communication campaign dedicated to Biosprint brand, to show, with moving images, its multispecies active Yeast strain performance.

BREATHE.  This is the focus of the new Prosol campaign on the live yeast Biosprint. Concept of the campaign, developed in a series of multi-subject images in motion, is living yeast cell vitality, expressed in the most natural action, to breathe.

Biosprint® “breathe” promotes a quick change in the animal digestion apparatus environment, resulting in improved animal wellness and metabolism.

“Healthy animals are farmer’s key target to improve economic results and support sustainability initiatives of the sector – explains Paolo Carcano, Technical Product Manager Prosol – The more efficiently the animal is able to convert feed into nutrients and energy, the better will be the results in terms of production. This, in turn, can result in less resources for intensive production and less waste, as well as greater efforts to protect the environment through lower methane emissions.”

The promise of Biosprint®, expressed in the claim of the campaign Get the best of it, is to be able to get the best both from genetics and diet by improving wellness and digestion efficiency.