petMOD® Leimun: A new format is born

Prosol has launched the new format of the petMOD® complementary feed line. The Leimun line for the petfood, dedicated to supporting the immune system, has been enriched with the new 100 gram jar format.

A few months after the birth of the new references dedicated to large dogs, the petMOD® Prosol line, dedicated to petfood, is still expanding. Starting from November, in fact, the new Leimun format will be available in a 100 gram jar with a measuring cup.

The new format, more versatile and with a greater quantity of product,  allows the use for long-term treatments with a remarkable cost saving . It also meets the needs of those who take care of several animals at the same time.

“Flexibility and attention to the needs of veterinarians have always been the fundamental focuses of the petMOD® line – said Alessandro Sgherbini, Product Manager of the petfood line at Prosol – Striving for constant improvement has enabled the birth of the new format. The new product intends to meet the needs of vet clinics with a recovery unit, farms and all those who need to carry out long-term treatments. ”

The Leimun formula

Introducing complementary feeds – that contain ingredients capable of modulating the immune response –can be very useful in dealing with critical situations. The effective formula of LEIMUN is designed to support the normal immune defenses of the animals and support them in periods of convalescence.

The Leimun formula has not changed from the original: the main ingredients are still petMOD® nucleotides and Prosol hydrolyzed yeast.

The new product will be available in pharmacies starting November 4th. For any difficulties finding the product, please contact the PROSOL company directly at:

Prosol: Italian petfood

Since 1974 PROSOL has been a leader in the application of the most modern biotechnological techniques for the production of ingredients for animal nutrition. We are constantly careful about the needs of veterinarians and pet lovers for a supportive diet to the specific needs of our four-legged friends. To meet these needs is the petMOD® line, which today consists of a total of 6 references specifically designed to respond to the specific nutritional characteristics of dogs and cats with diseases deriving from intestinal disorders, osteoarthritis, diarrhea or for particular periods of convalescence or lowering of immunitary defense.

  • petMOD® Leimun (to support the immune system);
  • petMOD® Leimun in a jar
  • petMOD® Intestinal (for the reduction of gastrointestinal disorders);
  • petMOD® Artro (for the support of joint and muscles metabolism).
  • petMOD® Intestinal XL (for the reduction of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs over 20 kg in weight)
  • petMOD® Artro XL (to support joint and muscles metabolism in dogs over 25 kg in weight.

All the lines are characterized by the high quality and the safe origin of the raw materials, designed to guarantee the nutritional needs of dogs and cats and, at the same time, satisfy the most demanding palates, thanks to the highly desirable formulas.

For information or to buy new Pet Food products

  • +39 – Fax +39

  • Via Carso, 99  Madone, (BG), Italy.

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