Prosol Interview: Focus on Petfood market

Alessandro Sgherbini, Prosol Business Development Manager talked with “Il Giornale dell’Agricoltura” about pet market growth trends and the last Prosol researches on petfood.

According to the XIII edition of the report “On the feeding and care of pets” Italians consider pets to be full-fledged members of the family and, as such, they care about their well-being and health just as much as they care about their own meals.

Alessandro Sgherbini, our Business development Manager, talked with Alessia Cotroneo for “Il Giornale dell’Agricoltura” about the last Prosol researches on petfood market.

“Two years ago, we began to notice how the segment of complementary foods and supplements for pets was growing double-digit in Italy and in the world. In the pharmacy channel, the global end-user turnover was estimated at 50 million euros, with supplements on top the list -especially tablets, capsules and granules. Another consolidated trend is the increasing demand for advice from veterinarians on nutritional aspects. The results of these studies, together with the idea of differentiating Prosol’s commercial offer, formerly only B2B oriented, prompted us to specialize in the market of food and supplements for pets, with a line of products available in pharmacies and parapharmacy, characterized by the presence of concentrated sources of nutrients which are non-curative, but can help solve some recurring problems throughout the life of dogs and cats”.

In the interview you will find some more news about a newsupplement for rabbits, the collection of efficacy data on products already on sale and the expansion of Prosol network of informants.

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