Prosol Launches a New line of Petfood for dogs and cats

Prosol presents three new products for the petfood market: petMOD® Leimun, petMOD® Intestinal and petMOD® Artro.

They are called petMOD® Leimun, petMOD® Intestinal and petMOD® Artro the new complementary feeds that Prosol has recently launched in the petfood market for dogs and cats with special nutritional needs. The new line of petfood, indeed, is specifically formulated to promote wellness for dog and cats with health problems such as intestinal disorders, diarrhea, osteoarthritis, metabolic disorders or periods of lowering of immune defenses. Last year Prosol made its official debut in the petfood market with the brand petMOD®, the special ingredient dedicated to pets with high content of free nucleotides qualitatively and quantitatively standardized, specifically developed to enhance immune system response, to improve animal health and to promote an efficient gastrointestinal activity in dogs, cats and monogastrics.

The line has generated a great interest in the market and, for this reason, Prosol decided to expand the product line. PetMOD® is now available in three other varieties focused to support the therapies of some pathologies: petMOD® Leimun (for the support of immune defenses), petMOD® Intestinal (for the reduction of gastrointestinal disorders), petMOD® Artro (for the support of joint metabolism).

Leimun, Intestinal, Artro: the new three products of petMOD®

Leimun, Intestinal and Artro are the new petMOD® products that enrich Prosol product range dedicated to the petfood market. The three references, in palatable and easy powder assimilable at the metabolic level, are specially formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of animals suffering from gastrointestinal and osteoarthicular disorders.

petMOD® Leimun is a Complementary Feed for Cats and dogs with an immune system building formula. Its formula, in a palatable powder, contains high quality ingredients high in petMOD® with arabinogalactan and zinc to support the normal function of the animal immune system. Provides dogs and cats a support for the immune defenses to keep them strong and healthy during periods of convalescence or lowering of immune defenses.

petMOD® Intestinal.  Complementary Feed for Cats and dogs specifically formulated with an increased level of electrolytes and highly digestible ingredients for the reduction of acute disorders of intestinal absorption. This formulation is a useful support in cases of acute diarrhea and subsequent periods of convalescence. With carob flour, inulin, zinc and enterococcus faecium. These ingredients help the immune response level intestinal helping the wellbeing of the entire digestive tract. The comfortable format in bipartite sachets facilitates administration into the animal.

petMOD® Artro Complementary Feed only for dogs to be used as a support for joint metabolism in case of osteoarthritis. Its formula in a palatable powder promotes normal joint well-being and it is suitable for elderly animals of all sizes affected by osteoarthritis. Based on omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, vitamin E and Turmeric, Myrrh and Boswellia extracts.

Guaranteed by a 100% Italian production, quality ingredients and desirable recipes, the three complementary feeds integrate in a targeted way the feeding of the animal with specific nutrients for the different nutritional needs.

A Natural concentrated source of health for dogs and cats

Pet’s general well-being has become a very important part of a family life and pet owners are increasingly concerned about the good quality and healthiness of food for their pets. This specific and growing demand for petfood with health benefits led Prosol to launch the brand petMOD®, a specific complex, with high content of free nucleotides specifically developed to enhance immune system response and to improve animal health in a natural way.

All the Prosol products for the pet food market are formulated and developed in Italy with systems of certified quality and with raw materials for which complete traceability is guaranteed. All foods they bring the necessary nutrients that the dog and the cat need in particular periods of life offering also a good palatability.


Prosol is a primary source of RNA and nucleotides and it is entrusted in their production since the early beginning of its activity in 1974. Prosol makes available nucleotides for the petfood market under the brand petMOD®, a feed material completely produced and packed in Italy, fully traceable. Prosol is certified ISO 9001:2015, GMP+, IFS for ensuring maximum products quality and process reliability. For additional information or related questions for nucleotides for petfood market please contact us.

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