Live Yeast Ruminants

BIOSPRINT® Mucl 39885  is a concentrate PROSOL probiotic live yeast for ruminants, selected to stabilize rumen pH, to increase rumen flora growth and fiber digestibility. It promotes the fermentation processes, adapting the rumen environment to the needs of the bacterial flora responsible for fiber digestion. The animals improve the capacity to use the energy of the feed and to assimilate the nutrients necessary for high productivity.

  • Useful in challenging and stressful condition ( transition and lactating phase, feed change, digestive problems, low Intake, heat stress), BIOSPRINT® improves animals health and boosts livestock performances.
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Biosprint - lievito vivo - lievito di birra per ruminanti





Biosprint® in Ruminants

Mode of action

Biosprint live yeast ruminants
Biosprint live yeast ruminants


Probiotic live yeast BIOSPRINT® behaviour results in all trials with better feed conversion rate, higher milk yield, protein content and less losses on body weight.

live-yeast-ruminants• Higher milk production

• Milk quality

• Better animal health


The influence of probiotic yeast on rumen fermentation promotes better performances in terms of animal health, daily weight gain and carcass quality.

live-yeast-ruminants• Higher weight gain

• Better feed conversion rate

• Better animal health

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