Enteral Clinical Nutrition

The feeding of hospitalized patients is very important in helping to cure them. This is especially true in intensive care and post operative recovery.

The enrichment of enteral feeding with ingredients as Nucleotides, aminoacids, fatty acids and omega-3 represents an effective support for the restoring of the functionality of the gastro-intestinal tract and to the stimulation of immunity response.

Since 1960 the primary role of the intestinal tract to provide an immunity response, resulted in the pharmaceutical sector researching the most adaptive formulation for each specific clinical case and recover phase.

For many decades, the most committed Organizations in health care nutrition showed evidence in the benefits of RNA in enteral nutrition special products. Furthermore, a large number of recent clinical studies demonstrate the benefits of Nucleic Acids in comparison with standard-protein ones, sometimes utilized also in the pre-hospital period.

Main benefits

• Infections decrease

• A better post-operation recovery and in case of complications

• Recovery time decrease