The suitable solution for your antibiotic free program.

Swine MOD®  is a source of cell wall components such as glucans and mannans, and nucleotides, nucleosides, oligo nucleotides, ribonucleic acids fragments, peptides, aminoacids and minerals.

Swine MOD® is a natural product extracted from yeast cells with a standardized and highly controlled organic and solvent free process.

Swine MOD® goal is to improve intestinal integrity and function, to enhance piglets immunity through sow lactating phase.

Swine MOD® in sow

Provide Swine MOD® in transition and lactation feed improve colostrum quality and allows to obtain healthy and stronger piglets.

Swine MOD® increase IgG concentration in colostrum sow and nucleotides in milk.

Good colostrum quality is essential in the first days of piglet life.

Piglets are born without any immune protection and the only way to protect them in these critical weeks is through passive immunity supplied by the sow.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Swine MOD® benefits


  • Colostrum quality & IgG content

  • Piglet born alive and low mortality rate

  • Improves sow energy balance


  • Stop diarrhoea

  • Low joint problems

  • High reduction in antibiotic treatment