Nucleotides in food supplements

Year by year nucleotides have been more and more included in food supplements and their efficacy studied in several areas of application and health issues:

• Immunity
• Gut barrier health
– Sports nutrition (recovery after performance)
– Cognition/Concentration (lack of synthesis of nucleotides in the brain tissue)
• Neural Pain (pain reduction)
• Iron absorption

What are nucleotides?

They are low molecular weight intracellular compounds with a sugar, a nitrogen base and one or more phosphate groups.
They play a key role in the cell. Their main functions are:

• Structural (nucleic acid building blocks)
• Energy (carriers, as ATP)
• Coenzymatic (synthesis of macromoleculas as CH, Fats and Proteins)
• Messengers (intracellular signal transduction through cellular membrane)

What is Ribodiet?

It is a natural product. It is a yeast extract. Starting material is the yeast cell. We inactivate it by heating and we hydrolyze the cell wall so that it becomes separate cytoplasm from the external nutshell. Then, with a controlled and enzymatic hydrolysis of RNA, we get a pool of free natural 5’-nucleotides (minimum assay 47%).

Ribodiet is manufactured by a natural, standardized, environmental friendly-process. No organic chemical solvents residue in the ingredient.

Ribodiet is a complex. Then, what’s in it. 80% Nucleic Acids, of which 47% are free nucleotides, 10% nucleosides and the remaining 30% others nucleic acids fragments. Then we have 20% composed of water, mineral salts, aminoacids and group B vitamins.

It is a natural complex of nutrients that can bring beneficial effects to the body.

Since 2015, Prosol has been investing in research to investigate Ribodiet efficacy. Some pre-clinical studies with human cellular models were performed at Department of Drug Sciences – State University of Pavia.

Ribodiet is a natural source of nucleotides and other components from yeast cell cytoplasm. It can modulate immune system response and also have an anti-oxidant activity. It works very well in combination with other ingredients as Vitamin C, Acerola, Zinc and Vitamin D. Main targets are intestinal health, immune system response, recovery in athletes and in elderly people against cellular degeneration.