Some selected dietary supplements can play a decisive role in health.

Prosol provides advanced solutions and innovative ingredients for dietary supplements industries to improve health and wellness in human and animal nutrition and to meet various nutritional needs. We support manufacturers around the world in a broad range of applications with our high-quality health ingredients based on 40 years of experience in the treatment of yeasts and nucleotides. This enables us to support industries bringing new products and meeting the unique needs of end-consumers.

Dietary Nucleotides

Nucleotides have been used in human infant formulas for over twenty years but, nowadays, they are starting to be used with significant effects in dietary supplements for adult nutrition as well. Studies have indeed shown that dietary inclusion of nucleotides bring about different positive effects on different body tissues.  These nutrients provide a wide range of health benefits and in certain conditions may be considered true nutraceuticals ingredients, because they are able to optimize the function of the gastrointestinal and immune systems.       Nucleotides have gained increasing popularity also in sport nutrition, to limit fatigue and strenuous physical activity side effects, and in the Nervous System Health to improve concentration, cognition or reduce neural pain.

Prosol manufactures ingredients for dietary supplements dedicated to Human Nutrition, Animal Nutrition and the Livestock sector.