Quality Policy

Prosol’s activity is devoted to customer’s satisfaction, supplying high quality products and services, complying their specifications and expectations, giving special attention to the healthyness of the products
Prosol is devote to improve its market presence with the production and distribution of Ribonucleic Acid and its derivatives in the food sector and Yeast based specialties in the feed sector.

Prosol Management is engaged in implementing the quality of the below listed principles, which are fully integrated in this policy:

– “Customer requirements focusing“: the services tools constantly monitor the market situation, reporting inside the Company the expectations and the requirements of our Customers. All the efforts are put in action in order to ensure that any Organization unit, at any level, had received and understood the importance of satisfying the enquiries, in terms of complying the Customer’s specifications and any of their requirements asked or desired, together with the compulsory hygienic and healthy requirements.

– ” Processes development“: the Direction and the technical functions involved are active in the promotion of any improvement of their own production activities, intended to the productivity and to the quality implementation. This component drives the decisions of the Board of Management on investments and strategies towards the developments suggested by the Market and the new emerging opportunities, investigating both in the food sector and in the feed raw material developments.

In this frame any Function Responsible must utilize the suggestions and the experience of any single subject belonging to the Organization.
– “Continuous improvement”: The continuous improvement is the key point of the Organization orientation. Systematic verifications of the Aims and their precise re-definition contribute to keep and to improve the fixed target. Suitable indexes for each single process concur to the quality monitoring, in order to check the constant increasing level. For the production departments involved with compulsory general or legislative requirements, HACCP plans ensure the critical points control and the general risk assessment, for the hygienic condition complying and for the products safety keeping: their re-evaluation allows to improve the application and to prevent unpleasant crisis events for their consequences in terms of safety and business impact. All the Company functions must participate to the process improvement realization.
Concerning the “Process development” and “Continuous improvement”, Prosol intends to give more value to its own technology and expertise to develop products satisfying its Customer specific demands. The will to increase the business is strong, promoting again Prosol traditional and successful products, making it possible to face on the global market with specific and recognized high specialized products for specific sectors of application.

– ” Partnership with Suppliers and Customers“: Our Suppliers and Customer’s growth is our growth and Prosol efforts go forward a continuous communication and cooperation to contribute to the customer’s market problems solving, further to the complete customer’s satisfaction. The strict relationship with Suppliers allow to preventively manage risks linked to products healthiness and safety.

– “Active participation of each member“: Each Prosol employee must feel responsible of the path of his own improvement towards a satisfaction policy of each Customer and actively cooperate in constantly promoting the development of those ideas which lead to a continuous improvement.
Prosol quality policy corner stones are constantly sought after and in order to reinforce them
recently Prosol applied and obtained the Uni En Iso 9001 certification. Furthermore, the following standards: IFS standard for food, GMP+ for animal feed, ISO 45001 for health and safety and ISO 14001 for environment protection were achieved, in addition to Sedex certification of ethical behaviour compliance.

To maintain and improve its market position by high quality products and services, Prosol strongly believes in the importance to respect high quality standards in manufacturing processes within its premises and in the contribution of each single employee in obtaining the expected success.
The so far obtained certifications, coupled to the basic principles, demonstrate company’s ability to monitor production processes and keep critical points under surveillance.
This policy is strictly followed by establishing the objectives, execution time, company’s areas involved, responsibility and resources needed.
The management periodically revises the objectives, activities in order to provide the necessary resources for a steady growth.

Quality Policy Document: Rev. 13 of the 27th of October 2020