The origin of Life

One of the few producers of RNA in the world.
Prosol is one of the world’s major and one of Europe’s few producers of Ribonucleic Acid from yeast through an organic solvents -free process.

What is RNA?

RNA is the acronymous for RiboNucleic Acid. Together with DNA (Desossi-riboNucleic Acid), it plays an essential role for any form of life. Recent studies showed new properties related to the functionality of molecular processes and reactions.

One of the best known industrial natural sources of RNA is Yeast.

The extraction of RNA from Yeast requires a very highly developed level of technology and knowledge, and when performed in a natural and sustainable way, it requires the use of recycled waters and no organic solvents. Prosol owns one of the very few operational plants in the world producing sustainable and natural RNA.

Prosol makes available food grade Ribonucleic Acid as Free Acid and Sodium Salt form.

RNA Supplements in Human and Animal nutrition

RNA Prosol has been present for many decades in European and International markets for manufacturing high value added health supplements.
RNA is a precursor of Nucleotides for the body, essential to support the metabolism in stressed conditions or to shorten the recovery after surgery, trauma and injuries.

The use of RNA is popular in supplements for human and veterinary use, clinical nutrition, and foods for special purposes.

Furthermore, RNA represents a source of Nucleotides for pharmaceutical industry.

Ribonucleic Acid
Prosol Features

  • Natural origin

  • Standardized quality

  • No organic-chemical solvents

  • Solubility in different matrixes

Ribonucleic Acid
Health Benefits

  • Immunonutrition

  • Immunity response enhancement

  • Cellular repair stimulation

  • Cellular growth factor

  • Prompt recovery after surgery and injuries and in immunodepressed subjects

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