Excellence in the production of Nucleotides

Nucleotides are the units that make up nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).
They are considered true nutraceuticals or functional ingredients for the benefit that they bring to health, and they are often used to improve disease resistance, to decrease mortality, and to promote growth rate.

They are low molecular weight intracellular compounds with a sugar, a nitrogen base and one or more phosphate groups.
They play a key role in the cell.

Their main functions are:
Structural (nucleic acid building blocks)
Energy (carriers, as ATP)
Coenzymatic (synthesis of macromoleculas as CH, Fats and Proteins)
Messengers (intracellular signal transduction through cellular membrane)

Prosol is an international supplier of nucleotides. They are produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of RNA according to European standards of high quality. Contact us to know more.

How the use of Nucleotides is beneficial

Several studies have confirmed that the addition of a certain quantity of RNA or nucleotides to the diet is critical to address important stages to face critical steps, such as the growing period recovery after disease problems. De-novo synthesis does not satisfy the requirements of many tissues and particular life physiological phases, making necessary a reinforcement from a dietary source.

Studies carried out on humans have shown that dietary inclusion of RNA and nucleotides bring about different positive effects on different body tissues.

Importance of Nucleotides

• Immune response enhancement
• Fast recovering of immunity loss
• Gut health
• Cellular growth factor
• Improvement of unsaturated fatty acids metabolism
• Gastro-intestinal beneficial effects

Prosol Nucleotides Features

• Produced by enzymatic hydrolysis
• European standards of high quality
• Entirely made in Italy and fully traceable
• Customized Solutions for specific needs

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