Enhance Flavour of your Recipes

Yeast extracts are used in the food industry to enhance and shape the taste of a recipe in a natural way, to fine-tune savoury dishes or to increase the natural savoury flavors and umami taste sensations. However, the Yeast Extract role goes beyond taste. Yeast is a healthy ingredient, indeed, which may reduce salt and sugar use in food, improving the nutritional profile and lowering salt in the diet.

Beside, the increasing demand for “free-from” diets are urging food producers to find alternative ingredients, which could cope the requirements of vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, etc.

BRIST is a range of salt free Yeast Extracts with a standardized content of free 5’-natural Nucleotides, customized for any type of requirements of umami taste intensity. BRIST confers a very pleasant taste even in very low sodium recipes. The functional properties of BRIST are very effective in savoury preparations, especially when MSG/I+G additives or other substances have to be partially or totally replaced. The BRIST yeast extracts intensify umami taste and are available in different concentrations (Low and Medium intensity)

What are the benefits from yeast extracts in food formulation?

Any savoury flavour preparation is normally the result of a number of flavouring ingredients which make the recipe unique and hard to be replaced or imitated. A standardized Yeast Extract is crucial to guarantee a constant and standardized flavour profile.

• Improvement in taste profiles
• Reducing sugar and salt
• Replacement of MSG
• Balance the nutritional profile

Inactive Yeast KLUYBEST a functional ingredient

A selected Kluyveromyces yeast strain with the best functional properties, nutritional and flavouring profile, is manufactured by Prosol under the brand KLUYBEST

The main characteristics of KLUYBEST:
• High protein content at high biological value
• Partially hydrolized wall polysaccharides fractions
• High natural glutammic acid content, flavouring properties

The benefits of using KLUYBEST:
• Typical sensorial profile: the natural content of glutamic acid is appreciated in processed meat ingredients, savoury and enological preparations
• Technical-functional properties in food manufacturing process: KLUYBEST cell walls fractions and aminoacidic profile support food texture flexibility, elasticity and water retention.

• Flavouring preparations
• Meat-based preparations
• Condiments and dressings
• Oenological preparations
• Functional carrier for flavours and food microingredients.

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