Natural Flavour Enhancer

Current estimates suggest that the global mean intake of salt is around 10 g of salt daily (4 g/day of sodium). In many countries, most of the salt consumed comes from processed foods and ready-made meals, while salt added at the table or during food preparation at home is significant in others.

In Europe it seems that two-thirds of positive change is typically driven from reformulation rather than consumer switching.

(Kantar Worldplanet Nutrition- UK market survey-March 2014)

Main benefits

Natural flavour enhancer

Very high in natural 5’-Nucleotides

High performance taste booster

Main functions

• Salt decreasing/replacing

• Expensive ingredients replacing

• Mouthfeel improving

• Nutritional value improvement


• Flavours

• Culinary

• Sauces

• Soups

• Bakery

Recommended dosage summary

RIBOMIX® (%) NaCl –MSG replacing (%) Notes
Filled Pasta 0,3-0,5 50-100
Hamburger 0,2-0,5 50-100
Tomato sauce 0,2-0,5 100
Mayonnaise 0,15-0,3 100 Oil and egg replacing 100%
Pesto 0,05-0,2 100
Meat souce (ragù) 0,2-0,3 50-100
Plum-cake-Muffins 0,3-0,5 100 Gluten replacing 100%
Bakery 0,2-0,4 25-100

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.