About us


Prosol is an italian biotech company operating in the domestic and global markets since 1974. Prosol works with modern biotechnologies to produce and manufacture unique ingredients for food industry and for livestock sector. The request for the improvement of nutritional values of products, together with the need to be competitive is constantly increasing. Prosol works especially to enhance the functional and nutritional values of finish products offering these specific ingredients and advantages: 


  • Nucleotides for infant formula and dietary supplements to increase the immune response;
  • Replacement of high-cost ingredients to save on costs of formulation;
  • Substitution of monosodium glutamate and decrease of salt;
  • Saccharomyces cereviasiae yeast strains for animal nutrition to improve the performances and preserve the general state of health.


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    Prosol produces yeast extracts, probiotics, nucleotides and taste enhancers with sustainable processes and with any chemical solvents thanks to an in-house developed technology: our plants cover an area of 28000 m² and have five drying plants.  Thanks to its production standards and high quality ingredients, Prosol obtained the main quality certifications: the company is indeed ISO, GMP+, IFS and OHSAS 18001 certified.

    Prosol selected a strain of Saccharomyces yeast for animal nutrition. The strain is among the few approved by EU and is traded under Bisprint® brand. See our brands section.


    For further information about Prosol's ingredients you can contact us at prosol@prosol-spa.it.