A natural source of health for our four-legged friends

Pet’s general well-being has become a very important part of a family life and pet owners are increasingly concerned about the good quality and healthiness of food for their pets. Nutrition can play a vital role improving pet’s immunity. Well-balanced nutrients can help pet’s immune system work properly, allowing it to fight off infections or diseases faster and effectively.
A nucleotides-based diet can be considered a key to increase immunity in a natural way. To create successful products for pet nutrition, manufacturers must choose the best ingredients for a healthy diet.

Prosol high quality ingredients for petfood can improve pet’s immunity, reduce the risk of developing specific pathologies and support the body during infections as well.

We produce unique ingredients for your unique products for pet food.

Made in Italy products

Natural Ingredients

Prosol nutritional solutions for Pet Nutrition can help you with:

  • Enhance immune system response

  • Improve animal health in a natural way

  • Treatment of leishmania infection

  • Reduce the risk of developing specific pathologies

  • Improve pet’s immunity

  • Support the body during infections

  • Helps prevention of digestive disorders

  • Support the body during infections

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