A natural protection for the wellbeing of your four-legged friend

The petMOD® nucleotides lend their name to the entire range of Prosol products dedicated to the pet food market. Versatile, palatable and easy to administer formulas, petMOD® complementary feeds are specially developed to meet the particular nutritional needs of pets.

CATEGORY: Pet Nutrition
TYPE OF PRODUCT: Nucleotides

PetMOD® is Kluyveromices fragilis yeast cell derivative.

Yeast RNA, extracted from the cell only by physical means, is concentrated and free nucleotides are obtained, via a subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis. In the final stage, the product is spray-dried in order to maintain intact the chemical-physical characteristics and, at the same time, make it stable and storable at room temperature. The concentration process, complete standardization, and the hydrolysis of nucleic acids allows Prosol to obtain a *NATURAL ingredient, with a high content of free nucleotides, qualitatively and quantitatively standardized.

Nucleotides & Pet nutrition

Investigations in animals showed that the supplementation of nucleotides in the diet has effects on many tissues; in particular, the intestine, the liver, the immune system and the lipid metabolism are positively involved.

In Dogs: nucleotides improve biological markers of immune response in dogs and help to an improved overall health status. This is particularly valid in puppies. Dietary supplementation with nucleotides could help the puppy during critical moments such as growth, because they optimize the immune response and interact with tissues in rapid development

In Cats: nucleotides improve biological markers of immune response in adults, particularly increasing phagocytic activity

In Monogastric animals: There is increasing evidence that dietary nucleotides may affect different aspects of body function and health in single-stomached animals, including intestinal morphology and function, immune response, the composition of the intestinal microbiota, liver function and morphology as well as growth performance.

Discover the petMOD® Line

Leimun, Intestinal, Artro and Senior are the PetMOD® references for the Prosol product range dedicated to pet food. Palatable and easily assimilated, petMOD® formulas are developed to meet the different nutritional needs of pets.

Complementary Pet Food for Cats and dogs specifically formulated for the reduction of acute disorders of intestinal absorption.

Complementary dietary feed for the reduction of intestinal disorders of acute diarrhea. Special edition dedicated to large dogs over 20 kg in weight.

Complementary Feed formulated for the digestive system of rabbits and small rodents.

Complementary feed used as a support for joint metabolism in case of osteoarthritis.

Complementary feed for dogs over 25 Kg with particular nutritional purposes.

petMOD® Leimun is a Complementary Pet Food for Cats and dogs with an immune system building formula.

Valid support to the immune defenses in dogs and cats. Available in a 100 gram jar for the use for prolonged treatments with a considerable cost saving.

Appetising complementary feed to promote normal wellness in old dogs.

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