About us

Prosol, present on the worldwide and domestic market since 1974, with 40 years experience, 38 employees and a solid reputation gained worldwide, is a market leader in the application of modern biotechnologies for the design and production of ingredients for food industry and for livestock sector.  The demand for innovative solutions, especially for the improvement of the functional and nutritional values of products, together with the need to be competitive is continuously increasing.

In the food industry Prosol works especially for the improvement of the functional and nutritional values of products, offering our clients the following advantages:


  • immune response improvement in infant formula and dietary supplements (nucleotides);
  • cost savings in formulations, replacing expensive ingredients;
  • improvement in taste profiles  (flavour enhancers);
  • replacement of Monosodium Glutamate;
  • reduction of salt;
  • improvement in the taste of dietary foods;
  • improvement in the texture of products;
  • improvement in the production performance of the animals, preserving their general state of health (Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains)

Gallery - Our company

  • Prosol Factory

    Our location in Madone, Italy.

  • Our offices in Prosol

    In our premises we shape innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

  • Laboratories

    Prosol develops innovations improving food quality and safety

  • Prosol spa, Madone, Italy

  • Prosol's laboratories

    Prosol spa is focused on the most advanced nutritional innovations

  • Prosol, Madone, Lombardy region, Italy.



    Prosol is based in Madone, Italy. In our laboratories we shape innovative solutions to responde to the demands of our partners and customers around the world. Prosol produces yeast extracts, probiotics and taste enhancers with sustainable processes: our plants cover an area of 28000 m² and are provided with 5 drying plants.

    Thanks to an in-house developed technology, our production is totally sustainable, without the use of chemical solvents: we use innovative technologies to obtain safe, with high standards of quality and competitiveness. Our work obtained important quality certifications: Prosol is ISO, GMP+, IFS and OHSAS 18001 certified.

    Prosol offers both knowledge and experience to satisfy the request for advanced solutions and for the improvement of the functional and nutritional values of your dietary and savoury food products. For further information can contact us at +39035991665 or prosol@prosol-spa.it.