VIVAsia2019, a huge success for Prosol

From March 13-15, Prosol participated at VIVAsia 2019, the International Trade Show from feed to food for Asia held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Last week Prosol joined VIVAsia 2019, one of the biggest trade shows for Animal Nutrition in Asia. With more than 1,250 international exhibitors, the event took place from 13 to 15 March 2019 at the Bangkok International Trade Centre (BITEC) in Thailand.

We would like to say a sincere thanks to each one who visited our booth and spent their time with us in these 3 exciting days. It was great to meet so many visitors, customers and professionals in animal production and we were pleased to see our booth always super busy!

Products highlights at VIVAsia 2019

Prosol’s products at VIV Asia 2019 caught the interest of many existing and potential customers and partners from all over the world. The consumer’s demand for a transparent and sustainable feed-to-food chain is growing and is one of the big talking point of these years. Prosol products and ingredients increase performance and results in a natural way and support antibiotics replacing programs. Furthermore, the proven positive effects of our products on gut and rumen functionality are crucial to face one of the most common challenges represented by heat stress, compromising animal health and consequently profits and return of investments.

In this edition of VIV Asia Prosol team presented among others:

  • BIOSPRINT-Prosol: a selected and high concentrate live Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain (MUCLTM39885), a natural way to help ruminants and monogastric livestocks. An active gut health promoter feed additive, EU authorized for dairy cows, beef cattle, piglets, sows, horses and minor ruminant species.
  • I-CARE: a hydrolysed yeast, which has positive effects on young monogastric performances, thanks to high digestibility and to the balanced presence of immune modulating components. I-CARE goal is increase feed intake, feed conversion, growth performance right from the start of critical breeding phases.
  • RIBOFEED: a premium ingredient with a high concentrated source of natural nutrients, including free Nucleotides, Nucleosides and Nucleic Acids for improving animal immune modulated response through the positive effects on the gut structure, functionality and environment.

We were pleased with the strong interest in our specific solutions and to welcome partners and customers to our booth! Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or feedback you may have following the exhibition.

VIVAsia2019: moments of our week in Bangkok!

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