Biosprint® improves milk production. Trial Design

Efficient rumination in dairy cows increases the protein output and feed intake. High-density diets used are necessary to avoid negative energy balance, make the rumen more susceptible for disturbance. According to the literature Biosprint® results in an increase in efficiency of the fermentation. Rumen studies show:

  • Less variation in rumen pH
  • More cellulose fermentation
  • Higher bacterial protein output

With Biosprint® more milk and milk protein

Results of 3 published dairy trials show average improvements of 4,5% in milk production and 3,7% in milk protein content.

50 Dairy cows were allocated to 2 treatments, based on production, stage and number of lactation. Cows were fed a mixed basal diet with corn and grass silage and a high protein corn silage supplement. 2 types of concentrates were provided to cows by a feed computer: 2 kg of starter supplement with/without Biosprint® and standard concentrate according to production. During the trial period of 104 days the following data are recorded:

  • Intake of concentrate
  • Milk production and composition

Results of 6 cows were not included for various reasons.

Objective of Dutch dairy field trial: demonstrate effect of Biosprint® when sprayed on pelleted feed

Biosprint® has most effect when fed as living yeast. To avoid pelleting losses, for this trial the yeast was pre-mixed with vegetable fat and added to ready pelleted feed.. Feed was transported as bulk and fed via a computer. Samples show good recovery and stability of the yeast, with no segregation of Yeast or any dust on the bottom of the silo.

Trial results show 5% higher milk production and 3,7% higher protein output. Cows fed with Biosprint® had lower somatic cell counts. The response was higher in cows earlier in lactation.


Biosprint® addition on ready-pelletted feed with vegetable oil shows good recovery and stability.

3 g Biosprint® / cow / day strongly improves protein / cow / day. Extra daily yield of 5% milk and 3,5 % protein have an extra value of more than € 0,35 / cow, while costs are less than € 0,03 / cow / day.


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