Prosol Interview with Feedinfo: “Demedicalising Trend Boosts Yeast’s Prospects”

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Prosol Interview with Feedinfo: “Demedicalising Trend Boosts Yeast’s Prospects” Daniele Bonvicini, our Managing Director at Prosol S.p.A., had a talk with Feedinfo about Yeast’s Prospects in the animal nutrition market. In this Feedinfo perspectives interview we discuss how yeast products are in a position to provide valide alternatives in animal nutrition programs. In today’s conversation, in particular, Prosol unpacks the mode of action of the company’s yeasts and yeast derivatives and the recent research done around their efficacy in animal nutrition. Click here to check the interview!

Proud to Announce –We have achieved UNI En ISO 45001: 2018 certification

2021-01-22T17:12:36+00:00January 22nd, 2021|

Proud to Announce –We have achieved UNI En ISO 45001: 2018 certification We are proud to announce that prosol has successfully achieved the transition to iso 45001: 2018, the world’s first global health and safety management standard. As a company who constantly focuses on people’s health and safety, we are extremely honoured to have successfully achieved this new standard. The ISO 45001: 2018 is based on a number of management principles about health and safety in the workplace including employee safety, reduction workplace risks and creation better working conditions. Prosol hasapplied these specific requirements and standards in its management system aimed at guaranteeing optimal working conditions, improving the efficiency of company processes and workplace safety performances, creating a culture [...]

Prosol receives EU Zootechnical authorizations renewals for its active yeast Biosprint®

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Prosol receives EU Zootechnical authorizations renewals for its active yeast Biosprint® We are proud to announce the completion of three authorization renewals for the use in the European Union (EU). They concern the zootechnical feed additive Biosprint® (MUCL™39885), which received the authorization renewal for Dairy Cows, Horses, Sows and weaned piglets. All authorizations are valid for ten years. “We are very pleased with these achievements –Emanuela Epis, Product Manager at Prosol explains - Our best-known animal feeding solutions like Biosprint® are in the market for 25 years and we continue investing so to achieve the highest quality standards and confirm great performance by supporting several scientific trials.” PROSOL’s animal nutrition team is strongly committed to provide efficient solutions to the [...]

Prosol lancia in anteprima al DigitalVetExpo il nuovo petMOD® INTESTINAL R

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Prosol lancia in anteprima al DigitalVetExpo il nuovo petMOD® INTESTINAL R Novità in casa petMOD®. Prosol lancia una novità nel brand per mangimi complementari dedicati agli animali d’affezione con particolari esigenze nutrizionali e presenta petMOD® INTESTINAL R. L’anteprima al DigitalVetExpo il 30 e 31 Gennaio 2021. La famiglia di prodotti petMOD® si allarga: Prosol lancia petMOD® INTESTINAL R la nuovissima proposta per conigli d’affezione e piccoli roditori (criceti, cavie, cincillà) che arricchisce la gamma di prodotti di alta qualità dedicati al segmento pet-nutrition. La linea petMOD® prevede già 3 referenze principali dedicate a cani e gatti: LEIMUN (per supportare la normale funzione del sistema immunitario), ARTRO (per supportare il metabolismo articolare in caso di osteoartrite) e INTESTINAL (per la [...]

Prosol al DigitalVetExpo 2021

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Prosol al DigitalVetExpo 2021 Il 30 e 31 Gennaio Prosol partecipa al DigitalVetExpo, l’evento dal format unico dedicato ai Medici Veterinari! “Un evento mai visto nel mondo della veterinaria” per vivere il confronto anche virtualmente e passeggiare tra gli stand anche da casa! L’evento, interamente gratuito,  prevede un programma di grande interesse per Medici Veterinari, titolari di struttura o che svolgono attività pratica per sviluppare al meglio le proprie prestazioni ed essere sempre al passo con i tempi e le ultime innovazioni del settore. Sarà possibile visitare virtualmente gli stand aziendali e approfondire la conoscenza di prodotti e progetti nell’ambito della veterinaria. La divisione petfood di Prosol sarà presente con un suo stand dove presenterà in anteprima le ultime [...]

Prosol Interview: Focus on Petfood market

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Prosol Interview: Focus on Petfood market Alessandro Sgherbini, Prosol Business Development Manager talked with “Il Giornale dell’Agricoltura” about pet market growth trends and the last Prosol researches on petfood. According to the XIII edition of the report “On the feeding and care of pets” Italians consider pets to be full-fledged members of the family and, as such, they care about their well-being and health just as much as they care about their own meals. Alessandro Sgherbini, our Business development Manager, talked with Alessia Cotroneo for “Il Giornale dell’Agricoltura” about the last Prosol researches on petfood market. “Two years ago, we began to notice how the segment of complementary foods and supplements for pets was growing double-digit in Italy and [...]

Branded Ingredients for  Sports Nutrition: Prosol Ribodiet on Actif’s

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Branded Ingredients for  Sports Nutrition: Prosol Ribodiet on Actif's Over the last decade the market for Sports Nutrition has grown significantly, and a proper nutrition is becoming more and more important for professional sportsmen, but also normal people. In this guide of ACTIF’S, the first bilingual magazine for dietary supplements, functional foods, health and food ingredients, Prosol is mentioned about sports nutrition ingredients designed to deliver functionality and performance to the sports nutrition market. Ribodiet™ has many advantages in sports nutrition applications (capsules, tablets, powders, beverages). It limits infammatory processes (reduced cortisol levels, reduced activation of neutrophils and reduced muscle damage) while having ergogenic power helping to improve performance during exercise. In addition, it has an anti-fatigue effect. Click [...]

Nucleotidi ai suinetti per sostenere la crescita: lo studio dell’Università di Bologna

2020-12-07T08:49:16+00:00August 26th, 2020|

Nucleotidi ai suinetti per sostenere la crescita: lo studio dell'Università di Bologna Estratto da Dossier Alimentazione in "Rivista di Suinicoltura" n. 6 -Giugno 2020 "Secondo un recente studio condotto dall’Università di Bologna è stato rilevato che la somministrazione di una miscela di nucleotidi ai suinetti in fase di allattamento e nell’immediato post-svezzamento sia in grado di anticipare la maturazione del microbiota intestinale." La presenza di nucleotidi nella dieta per favorire le prestazioni di crescita e lo sviluppo dell’immunità intestinale e un sano microbiota è più importante quando gli animali sono in condizioni stressanti o quando sono in una transitoria malnutrizione, come al momento dello svezzamento del suino (Grimble e Westwood, 2001; Sauer et al., 2011). È tra l’altro nella [...]

Prosol on Nutrition Insight: Spotlight on dietary nucleotides for sports nutrition

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Prosol on Nutrition Insight: Spotlight on Dietary Nucleotides for Sports Nutrition Prosol has been reported on Nutrition Insight about the use of dietary nucleotides for sports nutrition. "The sports nutrition market is persevering despite the effects of COVID-19, with ingredient producer Prosol highlighting the role of dietary nucleotides in fighting fatigue, which can weaken the immune system. Prosol notes that due to the accelerating pace of life and fierce social competition, fatigue has become a commonly occurring condition. However, fatigue is a suboptimal health status and may be associated with various illnesses. The Italy-based company details that repetitive and sustained physical labor results in fatigue, provoking systemic alterations, including endocrine, immune and metabolic dysfunctions. Prosol also notes that several [...]

I-CARE Hydrolyzed Yeast: the natural way to improve poultry performance

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I-CARE Hydrolyzed Yeast: the natural way to improve poultry performance One of the greatest challenges in poultry nutrition is ensuring that broilers consume the quantity of nutrients necessary to ensure proper development and good weight gain. Nutrition can positively affect the performance of these poultry. In particular, hydrolyzed yeast could be used as alternatives to antibiotics thanks to its positive effects on poultry performance even with strong nutritional challange. I-CARE is a hydrolysed yeast from Kluyveromyces fragilis, which has positive effects on poultry performance thanks to high digestibility properties and presence of immune modulating components such as ꞵ-glucans and Mannan oligosaccharides. Yeast cell wall fraction improves villus height (Zhang et al, 2005) and intestinal development of chicks, thus improving [...]

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