From the Lab to the Field:
new Evidence of BIOSPRINT® at Eurotier 2018

The countdown to Eurotier has officially begun. During the four days of the event, Prosol will present new data demonstrating efficacy and stability of probiotic Biosprint® in different applications. The event will be an opportunity to share the latest technological knowledge and to give an overview of Prosol expertise in yeast production for animal nutrition.

At Eurotier 2018, Prosol will present farm trials demonstrating efficacy and stability of Biosprint® probiotic in ruminants and monogastrics, in different conditions and applications.

BIOSPRINT® is a high-concentrated probiotic live yeast authorized accordingly to European Regulation 1831/2003 as Gut flora stabilizer Feed Additive. The strain is just sold in more than forty countries in the world to guarantee farmers the best economical results.

The main goal of the new trials was to evaluate Biosprint® economic benefits for farmers in ‘real-life’ and in different applications.

Biosprint - lievito vivo - lievito di birra per ruminanti

Successfully Enhancing Performances in challenging conditions
It is well known that due to low pH, high humidity and preservatives presence, silage environment is not “live yeast” friendly ambient. Moreover, monogastric low stomach pH could adverse to live yeast passage. Prosol wanted to investigate Biosprint® behaviour once dissolved into hydrochloride water solution or mixed with grass or corn silages.

The probiotic has showed a resistance in challenging environment and a stability at low pH:

  • 100% recovery after 20 hours in strongly acid water solution
  • 96-99% recovery after three days in grass and corn silage

From Rumen health to better milk production
In all trials Biosprint® groups showed better feed conversion rate, higher milk yield and protein content and less losses of body weight. The influence of probiotic yeast on rumen fermentation promoted better performances in terms of animal healthdaily weight gain and carcass quality.

Great results in sows and piglets

Biosprint® is recommended for today’s pig farmers who are facing challenges and stressful condition such as sow hyper-prolificacy, antibiotic use reduction and biosecurity management. Thanks to its properties to create a challenging environment for pathogens, Biosprint helps sows and piglets improving gut integritymicrobiota balance and feed digestion.

In-vivo trials indicated that a series of positive effects in the intestine improved feed digestion and promoted a change in piglets milkingSows results in better health condition and piglets survived in higher number, had an higher weight and showed a lower mortality.

To learn more about Biosprint® trials data results please contact our team at

Visit us at Eurotier 2018

The countdown to Eurotier has officially begun. Our team is ready to welcome visitors and show the various range of ingredients proposed to feed and health premixes producers.

In addition to Biosprint®, at Prosol’s booth visitors will also learn about petMOD®, the new Prosol natural product dedicated to pets, and swineMod®, a pool of active and beneficial ingredients for piglets and sows wellbeing and performances.

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