Nucleotides and Alzheimer’s disease: the latest study

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Nucleotides and Alzheimer's disease: the latest study In 2019 Prosol announced the promising result of a first study on the role of dietary nucleotides (Ribodiet®) in Alzheimer disease. Last July a scientific study on the same topic was published on Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy review; the study showed extremely interesting benefits of RIBODIET® in alleviating memory decline, neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common form of dementia, characterized by the deposition of extracellular amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides in the brain. The neuronal death, that characterizes this neurodegenerative disorder, causes irreversible cognitive impairment and behavioral alteration. The option of natural-derived products and nutraceuticals is scientifically solid and to be considered for a future medical option in [...]

Role of Nucleotides in Improving Muscle Cell Function: the first results

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Role of Nucleotides in Improving Muscle Cell Function: the first results Numerous data present in literature have already confirmed some positive effects of nucleotides in reducing inflammation. Recently, Prosol commissioned a new in-vitro study to verify nucleotides ability to improve muscle cell function. The intent of this new study[1]  published on the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Research, was to observe the effects of a blend of pure nucleotides (Ribocare®) and an yeast extract rich in nucleotides (Ribodiet®) on energy metabolism and contractility. In this study, the cellular mechanisms triggered on muscle cells by nucleotides used as food supplements were verified for the first time. The new test reports made it possible to discover and verify for [...]

Nucleotidi ai suinetti per sostenere la crescita: lo studio dell’Università di Bologna

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Nucleotidi ai suinetti per sostenere la crescita: lo studio dell'Università di Bologna Estratto da Dossier Alimentazione in "Rivista di Suinicoltura" n. 6 -Giugno 2020 "Secondo un recente studio condotto dall’Università di Bologna è stato rilevato che la somministrazione di una miscela di nucleotidi ai suinetti in fase di allattamento e nell’immediato post-svezzamento sia in grado di anticipare la maturazione del microbiota intestinale." La presenza di nucleotidi nella dieta per favorire le prestazioni di crescita e lo sviluppo dell’immunità intestinale e un sano microbiota è più importante quando gli animali sono in condizioni stressanti o quando sono in una transitoria malnutrizione, come al momento dello svezzamento del suino (Grimble e Westwood, 2001; Sauer et al., 2011). È tra l’altro nella [...]

Dietary Nucleotides in Sport Nutrition

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Dietary Nucleotides in Sport Nutrition Nutrition is becoming more and more important for everybody, this is especially true when we are considering professional sportsmen, but also normal people. They take care of their diet to improve performances or just increase their wellbeing. Furthermore, with an accelerating pace of life and fierce social competition, fatigue has become a commonly occurring condition. It is wise looking for new nutritional solutions to limit physical exercise consequences and to struggle against fatigue. Actually, fatigue is a suboptimal health status and may be associated with various illnesses. Physiological issues in athletes  Repetitive and sustained physical labor results in fatigue, provoking systemic alterations, including endocrine, immune, and metabolic dysfunctions: - [...]

Prosol nucleotides on Actif’s AZ Guide 2019

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Prosol Nucleotides on Actif's AZ Guide 2019 ACTIF’S, the first bilingual magazine for dietary supplements, functional foods, health and food ingredients, this year added a new entry to its ingredients dictionary! Prosol Nucleotides have been officially included in the Actif's annual guide 2019 from A to Z on functional, health and food. The guide contains monographs on ingredients that can be used for the production of food supplements. ACTIF’S Magazine decrypts every two months the growth of the market, the headlights applications of this sector in full growth and analyzes the regulations of these recent years to help market players build their development strategies. The guide 2019 was distributed during Vitafoods Europe 2019. Click here to read the article [...]

Ribodiet®: boosting immunity with nucleotides

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Ribodiet®: boosting immunity with nucleotides Ribodiet® is a Prosol new natural product extracted from yeast cell with standardized, highly controlled and gentle process organic solvent free. Nucleotides have been commercially used in human infant formulas for many years, as a way of improving gastric development and early immune function. (Helembai et al., 2006; Ruihua et al., 2006). Ribodiet® is a source of nucleotides, nucleosides, oligo nucleotides, ribonucleic acids fragments, aminoacids and vitamin B complex.  All these nutrients represent a pool of active and beneficial ingredients. Nucleotides Nucleotides are low-molecular-weight intracellular compounds that participate in numerous biochemical processes. They consist of a nitrogenous base (pyrimidine or purine) linked to a pentose (ribose or deoxyribose) sugar to [...]

Nucleotides: an overwiev

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Nucleotides: an overwiev Ribonucleic Acid: the precursor Ribonucleic acid is the molecule that transmits genetic information during cellular duplication phase. The function of this molecule is to “copy” DNA Nucleotides sequences, in order to transmit the information to the new cells. Nucleic acids cover a primary role in the transmission of genetic information and in the cellular synthesis. Multiplication rate naturally changes because of different physiological phases, tissue type and nutrients availability. Thymine, Adenine, Guanine and Cytosine are the Nucleotides basis of DNA Uridine, Adenine, Guanine and Cytosine are the Nucleotides basis of RNA. What are Nucleotides? Nucleotides are the constitutive units of DNA and RNA Nucleic Acids. Nucleotides are true nutraceuticals or [...]

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