Prosol launches petMOD® XL, two new products for large breed dogs

Prosol launches two new products in the complementary feed line petMOD® . Intestinal and Artro are doubling up to make it easier to feed dogs over 20 kg in weight.

The Prosol line dedicated to pet food is now even wider and more versatile. Two new special editions of the petMOD® brand are born, dedicated to large dogs. Because of their powerful constitution, dogs weighing more than 20 kg may be subject to a series of disorders that can compromise their health. In order to reduce these risks and to support the treatment of pathologies already in place, nutrition can play a crucial role.

To meet the needs of veterinarians and facilitate pet lovers in assisting their large four-legged friends, Prosol has therefore studied two new specific formulations that maintain palatability and effectiveness at an optimal level.

They are petMOD® Intestinal XL and petMOD® Artro XL.

         petMOD® INTESTINAL XL

petMOD® INTESTINAL XL is a complementary dietary feed for dogs intended for particular nutritional purposes and developed to allow the reduction of intestinal disorders of acute diarrhea and for subsequent recovery periods.
The powder formulation, suitable for intolerant patients because it is free of animal proteins, boasts a high palatability and is easy to deliver to animals even if reluctant to eat, because it is easily dispersed in drinking water.

The composition of INTESTINAL XL is designed to be versatile, useful and practical for dealing with the acute phase and the subsequent convalescent period with just one product, thanks to an increased level of electrolytes and highly digestible ingredients.


In large dogs, supporting such high weights (from 20 kg upwards) may require considerable effort on the part of bones and joints. These animals therefore frequently suffer from degenerative pathologies affecting the joints. petMOD® ARTRO XL is a complementary dietary feed for dogs intended for these specific nutritional purposes and for animals weighing over 25 kg.

The presence of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, omega-3 fatty acids supports joint metabolism in case of osteoarthritis. Boswellia, curcuma and myrrh are natural ingredients with an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory synergistic action. Nucleotides and vitamin D3 act positively on muscle tissue. The powder formulation is very palatable and makes administration to the animal simple.

The XL range is available in 15 sachets (INTESTINAL XL) and 30 sachets (ARTRO XL) respectively.
Completely made in Italy, and formulated with high quality ingredients, the new complementary feeds specifically integrate the feeding of large animals with specific nutrients for different needs.

Prosol & Petfood

Prosol is increasingly close to the needs of pet lovers for a quality food supporting the specific needs of our four-legged friends. To respond to these needs there is the petMOD® line, on the market for just over a year and now made up of a total of 5 references specifically designed to meet the specific nutritional characteristics of dogs and cats with diseases deriving from intestinal disorders, osteoarthritis, diarrhea or for particular periods of convalescence or lowering of the immune defenses.

petMOD® Leimun (to support the immune system);
petMOD® Intestinal (for the reduction of gastrointestinal disorders);
petMOD® Artro (to support joint metabolism).
petMOD® Intestinal XL (for the reduction of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs over 20 kg in weight)
petMOD® Artro XL (to support joint metabolism in dogs over 25 kg in weight)

All the lines are characterized by the high quality of the ingredients, designed to guarantee the nutritional needs of dogs and cats and, at the same time, satisfy the most demanding palates.

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